What is Kursenko Healthcare Clinic?

Bioclinic is Dr Kursenko`s private practice comprised of professional teams of doctors and psychologists, dedicated to providing exceptional care with individual approaches to every patient.

Our mission is to help people with chronic and intractable neurological diseases as well as treating disorders related to other fields of medicine.

Treatment principles
  • Fruitful patient-doctor cooperation in the recovery process
  • Revitalization of patient`s resource capabilities
  • Threefold unity approach to patient`s health.

The list of most successfully treated conditions in our clinic:

Neurological conditions:
Multiple Sclerosis (MS) & Autoimmune Disorders A chronic autoimmune disease that affects the entire central nervous system as the white blood cells attack the myelin sheath of the brain and spinal cord nerves.
Brain injury Injuries including concussion and brain contusions.
Post-stroke conditions
  • - Brain oedema
  • - Blood circulation disorders
  • - Venous blood flow disorders
  • - Brain Tissue Oxygenation failure caused by ruptured vessels
  • - Depressive state
  • - Reflection disorders occurring in damaged areas of the brain
  • – Painful tension appearing when in a wrong body position
Glandular disorders
Type 1 and 2 diabetes In terms of treatment and prevention of complications: diabetic foot, diabetic nephropathy, polyneuropathy, etc.
Diseases of the digestive system
Hepatic cirrhosis, class B, post-virus, toxic, autoimmune etiology A chronic disease with a progressive liver damage and complete tissue restructuring, resulting in severe functioning disorders and chronic liver failure.
Nonspecific ulcerative colitis A chronic inflammatory disease of the colon characterized by the ulcerative-destructive changes in its mucous membrane.
Musculoskeletal system:
Treatment of fractures Accelerating the adhesion time making it 2-3 times faster in comparison with the traditional fracture treatment.
Diffuse and local osteoporosis A progressive skeletal disorder of low bone mass (thinning of the bone) and deterioration in its architecture, causing susceptibility to fracture.
Arthrosis and arthritis A destructive-deteriorating joint disease that appears as a result of lesions and erosions of joint cartilaginous tissues.
Spinal Osteochondrosis with neurological and vascular signs. Spondylarthrosis Degenerative deteriorating process occurring in the disc with an accompanying reaction in the vertebral body taking place.

Therapy techniques:

  • Medical diagnostics and pharmacotherapy
  • Nutritional therapy
  • Psychosomatic regulation and psychotherapy
  • Psychological support
  • Massage, manual therapy, physiotherapy
  • Immunotherapy
  • Regenerative therapy


Oncology (3 and 4 clinical groups, healing treatment goal) non-toxic Kachugins method cancer therapy (certified by the patent holder) www.kachugina-therapy.info for details, see "Treatment".

We are very pleased to work with the patients who understand that a person is not just a “biorobot”, but a living Spirit who is free to choose the reality - to be sick or to glow with health, to follow the general concept of the incurability of a disease or to choose their own way of health and follow through.

Our perennial observations prove that those who don`t just live their everyday routine life, but seek alternatives and spiritual growth, manage to cure even the most complicated diseases.