The active development of new methods and techniques for treating ischemic and hemorrhagic strokes is currently taking place.

We already have the proof of the importance of stem cell therapy corresponding with thrombolysis and maintaining the vital functions of patients after stroke.

The four stem cell therapy mechanisms proven successful for treating a stroke:

  1. MSC (mesenchymal stem cells) migration to the zone of ischemic damage of the brain – precise localization and point impact of the treatment.
  2. The production of MSC substances that prevent the vascular necrosis zone from “spreading.”
  3. The production of MSC vascular growth factor, leading to the rapid formation of the newly formed vessels around the lesion.
  4. Neurogenesis - MSC stimulating the ability of the neutral brain stem cells to migrate to the lesion zone.

The timely transplantation of MSC results in the triple damage volume decrease (according to reliable pre-clinical research data).

There are 306 studies listed on the international clinical research website (search "cerebral stroke cell therapy"), with 126 of the last completed.

A positive result in the degree of functional recovery has been registered in all of the cases (May 18, 2014).

Bioclinic has also contributed to the understanding of stem cell therapy’s role for patients who suffered a stroke, proving the safety and high efficiency of this method.

It is important to note, that the fastest and most effective consequence of the stem cell therapy can be reached within the first 7 days after the stroke, when a large damaged tissue zone hasn`t been formed.

During the patient`s rehabilitation period, the results of functional recovery therapy have also been proven to be very positive.

There have been cases where people are officially no longer registered as disabled.

The whole process takes about a year, provided the patient’s work is relentless towards their own motor rehabilitation.

Bioclinic welcomes patients who have recently suffered a stroke to come for treatment and rehabilitation based on the new methods and approaches.

We would like to present you the two original articles on regenerative treatment as well as to demonstrate the stem cell therapy mechanism.