We apply different techniques of psychotherapy:

  • Rational psychotherapy
  • Transpersonal therapy
  • Corporeal therapies for Reich.
  • Quantum bias displacement by R. Bartlett, that has first been described for European mentality by Americans Richard Bartlet (Matrix Energetic) and Frank Kinslow. Depending on the case, it can be qualified as effective psychotechnics.

These techniques were brought to Russia by a doctor-pharmacologist, doctor of medical sciences of Germany and candidate of medical science of the Russian Federation Kachugin Lev (Leo Kacugin) in May, 2010. He has organized a teaching training, conducted by this technique`s master Ulrich Kizlich.

In practice, these techniques are a quick simultaneous method of both etiological and symptomatic therapy. The operation is quite fast (4-5 minutes). Medicines are not used. I use this technique to relieve painful vascular syndromes (eg Migraines), arterial hypertension, visceral pain syndrome (for example, pain syndrome in duodenal ulcers), muscular-tonic syndromes, post-traumatic pains, etc.

kachugin2010The technique is indispensable for patient's quick motivation for recovery, giving him energy, resolving old emotional pains and problems. Common patient`s reactions if successfully carrying out the CS technique are: relaxation, deep breath, a feeling of heat, calmness, euphoria. A patient often faints and should be watched after and supported. When asked to describe the sensation, patients find it difficult to do so, they can not express new emotions with words and mutter something joyously vague.

For those wishing to study through or apply for the method, I attach the links and also several patient reviews.




Psychologists' advice for patients with MS

10 life tips in case everything is bad.

  1. Remember, that absolutely everyone can change his life. All you need is a wish to do so. Start with your own thoughts. If you constantly think about only bad things happening, it will come to you. You have often heard the phrase that thoughts are material. What does it mean?
  2. It is not enough just to think about the good, but as words are also material, you need to talk about the good too - with your friends, at home, at work, you should talk about the life that is getting better, how everything is just fine. If friends begin to discuss the topic: "where is this vain world going….", do not support the discussion. After all, you know that everything will be fine and life gets better every day.
  3. Do not try to drawn your problems in alcohol. They will only increase like that. In addition, you will lose your health and a lot of money. The same goes for smoking. This is a direct way to permanent illnesses.
  4. Taking up sports is recommended: it brings positive emotions and better health. It is not necessary to set great records, but would be enough to jog regularly, to swim, to do morning exercises. It does not only cheer you up, but also strengthens your spirit. After that, you wouldn`t want to think about the bad, or struggle to overcome depression.
  5. Love always changes life for the better, it brings us positivity and happiness. This feeling turns our lives upside down, gives great inspiration, makes us achieve outstanding success. What kind of depression can one have if he is loved and in love?
  6. Crying is no help, right? Wrong. Sometimes it's enough to cry when you`re down to see how many other amazing aspects of life there are and understand that it's not over yet, that there are other great things about life to enjoy.
  7. Try to consider your situation impartially. Is it really so deplorable? Look around, see how many people around you are at much worse. Despite it all, they continue to live, rejoice, and fight.
  8. When everything is at its worst, and you really want to bottle yourself up, see and talk to no one, you are going the wrong way. On the opposite, try to be among people who can listen and share your sorrows.
  9. Stop being sorry about yourself: many others are in worse situations. Start making things happen, this is the only way to change everything, or even start a new life.
  10. Do not hesitate to ask for help from specialists. For anyone, getting timely support is very important. It will help to solve a lot of life problems and find a way out of any situation.

From Svetlana Shcheglova ( our patient)

If you are in despair ...

It feels like you keep on doing something, but nothing changes. Nothing changes! You feel bad again! Believe me, everyone has such moods. Life does not end there. Remember? "The main thing in life is to survive the moment when everything seems to be lost." Of course, not everything is lost! Not all at once! You just have to be patient… It's only the beginning!

This is when an amazing work starts, both on yourself and with yourself. I rarely have such recessions (there are practically none). Maybe because (I'm particularly happy about this) I understand my body and I listen to it. What I could not  understand earlier, was why after having some new achievements, I could not repeat them the next day. Back then it helped that I just rested (as well as any person I also needed rest). And then, my body presented me with other new achievements. Now it's different. My body needs new sensations. It's not clear where is it getting these new "crazy" desires from: putting a leg over the head while sitting, then jumping, then stand on your shoulders with your legs up in the  air, etc.- the body just wants something different at the moment - it's very important hear and understand that. I thank God for giving me a unique chance to perk up, praising myself and my "workers" for diligence and great work.

I try to achieve harmony and inner peace. I do not find fault with myself, I'm looking for something for what I can praise myself today (although I am very demanding to myself, I do not let myself be idle.) I SIMPLY NEED IT! I can not sit still and look at everything putting up with what is happening to me. I just look at things simplier: having mood swings is just a test that needs to be taken. This is what I have. So I fight for myself, overcoming all difficulties. I WILL MAKE IT THROUGH! When changing my activity, I go on training, pay special attention to the latest achievements, even if it does not turn out to be so bright all the time. The main thing is that I still have goals. Everything will come, everything will happen again. Believe me, your body will thank you for all love and understanding.


How to fight for yourself and have inner peace:

otziv AnastasiaRemember the parable: The end of the world is coming. A man is sitting on the roof praying for salvation. A boat swims past him. The man is called: "Come to us, we will be saved!". "No, I'm praying for salvation here." And so happens three times. The man dies. He finds himself in Purgatory. The man asks the God: "I prayed to you for salvation", but the answer was "I`ve sent you 3 opportunities to be saved ..."

So, do not miss your chance to be saved!

The God gives you a chance, strength, an opportunity to change everything. Now it's your turn! Without making a decision that you want to be saved, it will not go anywhere. Do not ask a question: "Why?". It's too much. If you have such a chance, you must use it. "A person can do everything he wants, if all his will is directed to this goal.

The next step is to act. If you NEED it, then you SHOULD ACT. Do not give up! Remember that any disease is a test and it is given to one so that a he starts understanding something new or a disease warns him against something. This is exactly what I`ve had: I would shout out "I AM HEALTHY !!!" as loud as I could, and tears would run down my cheeks ...

Not everything goes smoothly. Still I go on, while remembering an old saying “diligence is the mother of success”. The most important thing here is to remember that you have to pass the test sent to you from the above. I always tell myself that this test is given to the ones, who are strong enough to make it through. If you are challenged, it means you can pass the test.

It has also been very important for me to hear my own self, to understand my body, all its "quirks". Very often I confess my love to my body as a whole and to its separate parts too. I never thought it was so important for it to hear this from me - probably they also love with "ears"))) Praise and encourage your body (e.g. I treat it with chocolate) And it will answer you with love too.

Well, the last thing... (or the first for someone). It can`t go anywhere without having faith in yourself and your own strengths. You can see it very precisely stated in the "Rules of the wizard":

Basic rules for beginners (major theoretical points)

  1. Faith - is your level of confidence up to " I know exactly how much I`m capable of doing" applicable to anything (either it is scratching the tip of your nose, or causing or stopping the rain). This is a firm belief in both material and non-material (spiritual) phenomena.
  2. Clear and positive intention. The intention should be formulated in your mind so that it is useful to you, and does not harm any other people or nature.
  3. Giving an impulse (imagine that you have accumulated the energy, just like a capacitor in electrical engineering, and then your intention powerfully discharges into universe - and its goal is to continuously materialize your intention)
    Methodical recommendations for those who want to walk without support again
  4. If you feel a very strong desire to walk without any support - go ahead !, read on. (maybe it will be just like my case: no one wanted to go walk with me, so I got angry and said to myself: if so, then I'll go alone !!!) !!! And I went. ( what I mean here is that there needs to be something inside giving you a push.)
  5. I always ask the God to help me. I pray. Before going I always say: "With God's help and blessing."
  6. I have noticed that the more lightness I have in my body and in my thoughts, the better it is to walk. Therefore, when walking, I choose the point I look at and walk with my head held high
  7. Faith helps a lot. It is enough just to say it to myself. It can not be any other way! I can do such things !!!

Traumas and disappointments, accumulating, entail a discord between your feelings, mind and body. A person loses the sense of inner integrity. As a result, with age, a person increasingly feels the tragedy of existence more and more, dives into suffering, or into the "appraisal experience of life." A person begins to feel a loss of contact with himself. Psychologically, the loss contact with oneself equals the loss of contact with one`s body.

What leads to the loss of contact with the body:

  • Any kind of violence: physical, emotional or psychological;
  • Early childhood diseases, complicated birth, congenital defects, physical trauma that a child could not control, accidents and surgical interventions.
  • Poor early objective relationships, where the parental "mirroring", so necessary for a child to develop a healthy sense of self, was inadequate;
  • Inadequate or violated relations of family members;
  • Criticism and the sense of shame that parents project onto a child when they are on bad terms with their own bodies; These feelings can also be caused by a rejecting or overly controlling a child;

Situations when parents leave or ignore a child, feeling that the body or personality of a child does not correspond to the cultural ideals or family standards;

  • religious depreciation of sensuality, body needs, the corporeality as the fundamental basis for perception of the external world and inner experiences;
  • traumatic experiences of catastrophes, natural disasters, wars.


Methods of body therapy are powerful psychotherapeutic tools that are used to both cause emotional ease and radical changes in the human body, in feelings and psyche in general. Body therapy is recommended to a wide variety of people.

Goals and objectives of almost any body therapy

  • researching psychological problems of the client and offering assistance in resolving them;
  • improvement of subjective well-being and mental health strengthening;
  • Studying psychological regularities, mechanisms and ways of interpersonal interaction for effective and harmonious dialogue with people;
  • self-awareness and self-exploration development in order to correct or prevent emotional disorders based on internal and behavioral changes;
  • personal development facilitation, realization of one`s creative potential, achieving the optimal level of vital activity and sense of happiness and success.

otziv FidaniaWorking with body creates unique therapeutic possibilities "beyond the consciousness qualification" which makes it possible to discover the true sources of acute problems and gain access to deep unconscious levels.

Expansion of direct-sensory experience allows to expand the opportunities of the mediated mastering of reality too, as well as creative  and intuitive abilities and metaphorical understanding of the surrounding world.

Holotropic breathing was officially authorized and registered by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation in 1993 as one of the 28 methods of psychotherapy.

Holotropic therapy is one of the most interesting and famous strategies of psychotherapy of fear, depression, psychosomatic illnesses and developing personal growth strategies. In order to achieve therapeutic effect, holotropic therapy uses altered states of consciousness caused by controlled breathing, special music, specific methods of working with patient`s body and drawing mandalas (arbitrary, spontaneous drawings) in the final part of the session.

The literal translation of the term "holotropic therapy" is a “therapy aimed at restoring integrity”. The lack of integrity can manifest itself in the form of chronic fatigue, sleep disturbances, the absence of sincere joy and pleasure. Many diseases (diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, heart and blood vessels, pulmonary pathology, some disorders of the musculoskeletal system) are also associated with these inner contradictions. Dependent behavior and addictions (overeating, alcohol abuse, gambling, workaholism, drug addiction) are also a result of these inner contradictions.

During these sessions, certain conditions are created for the person to set himself free from accumulated negative experiences in his subconsciousness and be able to use the resources of his positive experience. Working with the body is designed to remove the accumulated chronic muscle tension and restore body's natural flexibility. This allows to restore metabolic processes activity and to adjust the work of organs.

Holotropic therapy is an important and effective alternative to traditional deep (analytical) therapy, which allows you to save time and money spent on psychotherapeutic treatment, and avoid taking psychotropic drugs or, if so, reduce it.

 Changed due to holotropic breathing consciousness state has an extremely powerful healing (therapeutic) and transformative effect. Holotropic sessions in many cases bring up strong emotions and all sorts of unpleasant physical sensations. Complete  manifestation of the latter makes it possible to get rid of this disturbing influence. The general rule of holotropic breathing is that a person gets rid of the problem, dealing with it face to face. It is a process of purification and liberation from old traumas, which opens a way for very pleasant or even ecstatic and transcendental experiences and sensations.

These sessions of transpersonal therapy are conducted in the form of courses, their quantity and frequency are highly individual, but judging from our practice - 8 to 15 sessions.

To take part in the holotropic breathing group, you need to wear clothes that does not stiffen your movement, bring a blanket, and a blindfold. The use of psychoactive substances, tranquilizers, antidepressants, neuroleptics and analgesics is prohibited.

The session consists of several stages.

Its duration is about 2 hours. All participants should wear comfortable clothes (usually sports clothes), they lie on their blankets on the floor, in a cozy session room. The session begins with a short relaxation. Then patients concentrates on their breathing without changing his parameters. It is suggested to gradually increase the frequency of breathing, make it deeper and more frequent. The deeper a person breathes, the more powerful the scenes are, the faster he breathes - the faster they change. Patients determine their breathing themselves, adjusting the rhythm, speed, frequency and depth. If one`s breathing is slow and not deep enough, then, most likely, no intense feelings will appear. :-) The metaphor of holotropic breathing is “you receive what you have worked for”.

It is difficult to breathe intensively for the first 10-15 minutes. Then the person enters the altered state of consciousness (ASC) and it becomes easier to breathe intensively. After about an hour the person stops to breathe intensively and his breathing returns to normal. It is unlikely that you can`t force yourself to breathe intensively for an hour and a half. During holotropic breathing, you can control the dynamics of your breathing. To add to that, you can always stop the intense breathing and after about 5 minutes the alkaline balance of the blood will return to normal and everything will go back to the way it was.

One should know that he is always in control of the situation. If necessary, a word "STOP" is pronounced, and everything will be immediately stopped.

If you notice that you are too caught up in thoughts, direct your attention to the body and focus on the breath or the music. If you find yourself analyzing music, let its vibrations penetrate the body and focus on breathing.

If you have a strong emotion (for example, anger, irritation, etc.) and the cause of this emotion, as it might seem to you, are the things happening in the room (e.g. you do not like music or something else), shift your attention to yourself and body sensations. Instead of being distracted by something external and engaging in endless emotional projections, it is better to get in touch with the energies you experience, express them and get rid of them.

Do not program negative experiences, let whatever arises be a spontaneous act, which is unexpected even for yourself - a free dance of your body, energy and thoughts.

You decide yourself when to end your holotropic breath. As a rule, the session comes to its natural end within 1.5-2.5 hours. Music continues playing until the point where everyone is finished, so there is no need to wait for music to end.

Do not start a new session at the end of the previous one. At this moment it is not about discovering more and more arising problems, but to complete those that have surfaced and need to be resolved. At the end of holotropic session it is offered to work with the body more, in case the breathing did not allow all the emotional and physical tensions to get activated during the session. The main principle of this work is to understand what is happening with the person breathing, and create a situation that will strengthen the existing symptoms. When energy and awareness are kept in ​​stress and discomfort, a person should be encouraged to reach full self-expression, in whichever form it may be. This work with the body is an essential part of the holotropic approach and plays an important role in the completion and integration of person`s experiences.

At the final stage, the participants exchange their experiences. They try to draw a mandala, even if believing that they can not draw. The point here is not in the drawing quality, but in the ability to use this drawing as a means of integration and self-realization.

otziv ZulfsiaYou are free to tell about your experience, covering the parts that you find necessary to share. By doing so, do not try to do analysis, but stay in touch with the energies of the process.

 Why using transpersonal therapy?

 - Resolving psychological problems and "dead ends";

- Treatment of other disorders (neurosis, neurasthenia, bulimia, anorexia, neurotic depression, obsessive states, fears, panic attacks, insomnia, etc.);


  • Treatment of "bodily" diseases of psychosomatic basis, primarily neurodermatitis, vitiligo, psoriasis, bronchial asthma, diabetes mellitus in the initial stages, multiple sclerosis, arterial hypertension, stomach ulcer, vascular dystonia, muscle pain, rheumatic diseases, alcoholism, drug addiction, sexual disorders. The use of transpersonal therapy in psychosomatic pathology is based on the principle of psychoemotional state playing a crucial role in the development and progression of these diseases.
  • - Personal growth, creativity development, professional development, leadership abilities, the return of the "taste of life".


 Contraindications to the sessions: pregnancy, glaucoma, retinal detachment, early postoperative period, epilepsy, manic-depressive psychosis, mental illness accompanied by delirium, hallucinations, loss of orientation, young age.

 How it works?

The psychic has a powerful potential for self-improvement.

Memories and other biography elements manifest themselves as a whole, forming the so-called "condensed experience systems", most of which are related to the birth and produced in a deeper sphere - in the perinatal area of the unconscious.

During the sessions, the experience intensity increases so much that the participant feels as if he has crossed the boundaries of individual suffering and is experiencing all the  pain of  this world.

The experiences of this level are usually accompanied by vivid physiological manifestations, such as rapid pulse, palpitations, nausea, body temperature fluctuations, etc. This state is seen as a clash with death, after which a change in one`s state and experience occurs, the process of rebirth is already characterized. This stage of experiences is defined as the process of fighting death and having a rebirth. It is very important, since the birth trauma is more than the events in the biography responsible for the problem formation, and its studying through the problem that creates the prerequisites for full-fledged treatment.

You are under surveillance

After completing the course, patients are kept under the supervision, which may be face-to-face and over the telephone. In the event of emotional disharmony, the patient has the opportunity to continue the sessions in an outpatient setting.

Additional individual consultations. There are situations that lead to the violation of main recommendations. In individual consultations, the specialist can determine more accurately the cause of the problems that have arisen, and find ways to overcome them.


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