The treatment in our clinic is carried out both in outpatient and in a stationary mode (24-hour hospital).  Our goal is the highest therapeutic effect achieved in a short time (10-14 days). The clinic is multidisciplinary, therefore, profile specialists can be involved in patient`s treatment. Both accommodation provided and patient care are at a high level.

Since 2004, we have gained extensive experience from treating patients with multiple sclerosis using methods of regenerative medicine, in particular, stem cell therapy with autologous and allogeneic mesenchymal stem cells. Currently, the first phase of the clinical study (safety and efficiency) is coming to an end. The effectiveness of stem cell therapy with mesenchymal cells was very high:

90% of patients with progressive MS develop persistent remission, the disease stops progressing, and neurological recovery is also observed for 2 to 3 points on the disability score in MS (EDSS).

Particularly good results, such as the return of the patient to a normal way of life and work, are observed with benign forms of the disease (EDSS <4 points).

Four of our patients had healthy children, postpartum exacerbation of MS was transient and resulted in neurologic recovery.

The results of stem cell therapy of MS: Cells from the human umbilical cord were reported at the All-Russian Conference on Multiple Sclerosis (Yaroslavl 2011). A publication in the scientific literature is being prepared based on data from long-term follow-up of patients with MS who have received stem cell therapy.

However, a great role of the psychosomatic component of this disease has been detected. More than 80% of cases of multiple sclerosis developed happened after experiencing prolonged psychoemotional stress. Therefore, a professional psychotherapy was introduced into the treatment cycle, which immediately gave positive results.

It should be noted, that the results of patient`s recovery and his good quality of life, depend on the patient himself, on his desire to engage in daily exercise and periodic reception of medication.

Since 2006, the method of helping the 4th clinical group cancer patients (progressive metastatic cancer) is being developed. The technique is connected with the field of alternative cancer therapy using the Kacugin`s method (semicarbazide-cadmium therapy). This is a patented and experimental method of non-toxic cancer therapy. ( ). This method is used for patients of the 3rd and 4th clinical groups who do not have improvements after chemotherapy and have a low survival chance ("registered under the supervision of a district doctor for symptomatic treatment ").

In June 2009, the author of the technique and the patent holder, Dr. med. Leo Kachugin (Kachugin Lev Anatolyevich) -

Doctor (Russia, Germany), Cand. med. Sciences, Russia, sciences. (Dr. med.), FRG, Certified Clinical Trials Specialist of New Drugs (GFR), certified GCP expert (FRG) has officially authorized a physician, V.Kursenko on the use of this technique for the therapy of oncological 3-4 clinical groups.