We have been applying the Kachugin`s treatment method since 2005, as well as being certified by its the authors. We work only with original preparations of the "Vanda" company (Bulgaria). A strong polyathetic effect (cancer patients` quality of life improvement, alleviation of pain syndrome and tumor intoxication) is observed in 90% of cases. There are over a dozen cured patients with the third stage of cancer. Patients and their relatives speak well of the results of the Kachugin`s technique, one of the reasons being its convenience: home treatment under the remote control of a certified specialist.

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If you or your relative suffers from cancer, and you are looking for various ways of additional treatment, then you should know that alternative cancer therapy is a very wide concept, which you can learn about by typing "alternative cancer therapy" in the search.

We do not oppose the methods of alternative cancer therapy to the methods of its conventional treatment (surgical, chemotherapy, radiation therapy). However, there is a moment when well-known treatment methods become ineffective and patients seek all additional ways to combat progressive cancer in pursuit of life. We can testify that the Kachugin`s method proved to be the most effective among the known methods of alternative cancer therapy (in comparison with immunotherapy, vaccine therapy, information-wave therapy methods, phytotherapy).

Kachugin`s method doesn`t offer therapy on a massive scale, as working with 3-4 clinical group cancer patients is, to say,  a very painstaking process.

Selection criteria for therapy include:

- the initial clinical condition of the patient (presence or absence of intoxication, cachexia, organ and systemic complications, the patient's anesthetizing regimen)

- Histological type of tumor and metastases distribution

- the number of chemo-radiotherapy courses the patient has undergone

- the initial state of the patient's immune system (assessed by immunogram)

- Getting acquainted with the therapy principles on www.kachugina-therapy.info

In order to start the therapy it is required for a patient to have more or less preserved general somatic status, as the therapy effectiveness testing period takes 2 months. Does a patient have this time his present state? If a person, for example, suffocates from metastatic insatiable pleurisy - it's too late. For a preliminary assessment of a cancer patient`s condition, the Karnovsky scale is used:


Activity (in points)

The condition is normal, there are no complaints, no signs of being diseased


Able to have usual activities, minor symptoms of the disease


Able to have usual activities, but with more effort. Some Symptoms


Self-service, inability to have usual activities or work


Patient needs periodic external assistance, but able to independently satisfy most of his needs


The significant need for external help and medical care


Disability. The need for special medical care


Severe disability. The need for hospitalization, although it`s not fatal


Critically sick. The need for hospitalization and active treatment


Dying patient. Fatal fast-progressing process



Ученые уже давно доказали, что выражение «в здоровом теле - здоровый дух» следует заменить на более правильное - «здоровый дух образует здоровое тело, а больной дух – создает болезни». Этот закон проявлется везде. То, что происходит в душе человека всегда влияет на работу тела.

After evaluating the clinical, instrumental and laboratory data of the patient, we decide on the invitation for treatment.

Cancer is not only a tumor appearing, it is a certain “sick person” state of mind. One famous American scientist and doctor Deepak Chopra says: “Our body is not a biological robot. A person is an organized system of Energy, Information and Consciousness.” Person`s Consciousness is the organizing force controlling the work of the body.

Scientists have long proven that the expression “healthy body - healthy mind” should be replaced by a more correct one - “healthy spirit forms a healthy body, while sick spirit creates a disease." This law works in every aspect, what happens in the human soul always affects the work of his body.

It is not necessarily to be a Yogi or to be able to meditate in order to manipulate the body. Even ordinary people are capable of this, which is well illustrated by the experiments of the psychologist Ellen Langer of the Harvard Research Center. A group of 75+ year olds was formed. They were asked to behave as if they were 20 year olds or younger for a few weeks. Only after 5 (!) Days, some positive changes in bodies of the elderly were registered. Their ability to hear and see has improved, as well as their coordination and joints mobility, which became better too. Psychological changes have caused significant body changes even in case of ordinary older people, not yogis.

The organism of a cancer patient also follows these laws. This is important to know, as passive approach to the illness is often fatal. Therefore, to cure cancer, it is important to have the right psychological attitude, a positive state of mind.

One should believe in himself, in healing, and trust in the world.

The experimental trial of the therapy, which we have been conductong during 2006-2008, showed its safety and high efficiency. During that phase a significant condition improvement was achieved for most cancer patients who volunteered to receive this treatment. Many of them, who had terminal stages of the disease, even managed to return to work. Moreover, in a number of cases, the complete disappearance of tumors was recorded. Therefore, we can talk about broad possibilities of applying this therapy to various forms of cancer.

This experimental trial was carried out with the consent of L.A. Kachugin. He monitored our work, but did not interfere with it, so the results obtained are objective and independent.

Over the course of 4 years, the statistics of those who have successfully completed the treatment course for cancer patients of stage 3-4 ranges from 25-28% (stabilization and absence of relapses within a year).

Our experiments with Semicarbazide-cadmium therapy gave us all the necessary experience with this technique. The Kachugin method is complex therapy, which requires a good knowledge of the subject and a lot of doctor`s dedication. Even though, every cured patient was worth the effort. Our clinic is represented at the official presentation of Semicarbazide-Cadmium Therapy (www.kachugina-therapy.info) as a certified center for in-patient therapy. Every cancer patient who is treated in out clinic receives assistance from a doctor who has been trained by Kachugin himself. We are always in touch with therapy`s expert center in Germany. Therefore, we can guarantee a high quality, safety and maximum effectiveness of treatment.

Unlike the standard chemotherapy, the Kachugin method implies individual treatment. The therapy happens at patient`s home, where he takes all the recommended drugs, regular blood tests and passes control hardware (ultrasound, CT, etc.). Sometimes a nurse is required to help with intravenous infusions. A certified specialist observes and manages the treatment, making timely corrections.

A big advantage of semicarbazide-cadmium therapy is its nontoxicity - hair never falls out, there is no toxic enteritis and granulocytopenia. The intolerance of components of SCT is very rare.

Patients often continue the chemotherapy in oncological dispensaries, combining it with Kachugin method therapy, with it. as a rule, resulting in a therapeutic synergy.

Sometimes the potential patients ask for contacts of Kachugin`s method successfully cured cancer patients. We provide such information, but it is very individual. The cured patients do not like to boast about their success, and this is psychologically understandable.

If you have decided to become our patient, then you need to write a story about yourself and send scans of medical reports to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will reply regardless.